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Experience Counts

At P. Z. Agapiou Diagnostiki Lemesou we have more than 35 years on the field and it enables us to provide our clients the most comprehensive checks on the island. We value your health and wellbeing; thus, we aim towards nothing else but delivering the most comprehensive results.

Live Better, Live Longer

In order for you to have a healthy life you must preserve your wellbeing no matter the cost. Working methodically enables us to reach efficiency levels like no other and thus have your results ready within a day’s time for you to take action.

Instant Reliability

Specializing in our clients’ wellbeing, we aim to provide the most comprehensive and detailed results within a day. We want you to have your results as soon as possible to enable you to actively do something and improve your life.

Start Living a
Healthier Lifestyle

Our team is highly experienced and at the same time visionary. With every member being a genuine professional of their field, empowers P. Z. Agapiou Diagnostiki Lemesou to provide sound results within the same day; even in the most extreme scenarios. Penelope Agapiou is the CEO of P. Z. Agapiou Diagnostiki Lemesou and along with Marios Agapiou (BSc, MSc), they envisioned a Clinical Pathology Laboratory where it’s one true purpose is a comprehensive guide to their clients’ wellbeing.

It is always more effective to identify the signs and prevent the decease rather than trying to cure decease. Our highly trained team holds prestigious qualifications in more than 10 different fields. Our equipment is of cutting-edge technology. In order for you to prevent any possible misfortunes, the only thing you need to do is to come to our laboratory and we will guide you through.

The laboratory is fully renovated and fitted with cutting-edge of technology equipment. Along with our professionalism, we established solid partnerships with the biggest insurance companies and most prestigious doctors of the island. We welcome any type of client, of any origin (doctors, insurances, privately etc.). We aim to provide you a comprehensive guide to your own body at the shortest time-frame possible.

Honoured by our esteemed partners and loyal clients for the levels of consistency we preserve, we aim for nothing but perfection. Having true professionals in our team, along with our cutting-edge technology we’ve been characterized many times as one of the most contemporary and most organized laboratories of Cyprus. We want our clients to know in detail what is happening inside their bodies. We want you to “know your body, better than yourself”!

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