Blood test. How long does it take for the Results?

From cholesterol levels to blood counts, there are several blood tests available. Sometimes, the results are available within a short amount of time such as minutes from running the test. In other cases, however it may take many hours, days or weeks to obtain the results of certain blood tests.

How does the process work?

In the blood test process, there are several risks for various infections serious and not if the proper hygiene procedure is not done. Your personal doctor or phlebotomist must follow this procedure:

  • Hand wash / antiseptic
  • Wear gloves
  • Determination of a vein by cleaning the area with alcohol
  • Wiping with alcohol at the venipuncture site
  • Putting a bandage after the process

Common blood tests and their estimated results time

Some of the more common blood tests a doctor may order include:

Complete blood count (CBC) Same Day
Basic metabolic panel Same Day
Lipid panel Same Day
Thrombophilia Panel 1 – 2 weeks
Pregnancy blood test Same Day
Thyroid test Same Day
Sexually transmitted infection (STI) tests Same Day
Anemia test Same Day

Some handy tips getting your results faster

Here are a couple of tips for getting faster results. To do this can include:

  • Ask if there are “quick test” options for a particular test, such as an H and H for anaemia.
  • Ask if the results can be sent to you via a web portal.
  • Ask if you can wait at the medical facility until results are available.

Sometimes, how quickly the blood tests take depends on how common the blood test is. Blood tests performed more often, such as a CBC or metabolic panel, are usually available more quickly than tests for rare conditions

So, to Recap

With innovations in blood testing and specialty equipment, results from P. Z. Agapiou Diagnostiki Lemesou are available sooner than ever before. However, it’s often important that your doctor do a careful review before passing along the results. Asking a doctor or laboratory technicians about how long average tests will take can help you to establish a realistic time frame for getting results.


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